Why use an independent insurance agent
3 Benefits on Why to Use an Independent Insurance Agent

Today, there are so many choices when it comes to purchasing insurance. So why use an independent insurance agent? Whether you call a 1-800 number to get a quote in “5 minutes or less,” or shop around at agencies in your hometown, it’s safe to say, you have your options. And those options can be very overwhelming. Independent Insurance Agents can make the process a lot easier.

1. We have options when it comes to your coverages.

As Independent Agents, we have access to several different carriers. We are not loyal to one company. This ensures that we make our customers our top priority. We will search for the best coverages at the best price, without commitment to any one carrier. As Independent Agents:

  • We know the in’s and out’s of our markets.
  • We know the best discounts to apply to your policy
  • And we know the coverages that best fit your needs.

In your corner: An independent agent is loyal to you, finding you the best coverage and the best price.


2. Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

While calling a 1-800 number to get a quote in real time may seem like the easiest route, it’s not always the best. Independent Agents can do the work for you! Take your auto policy as an example. The State only requires that you carry the bare minimum of liability coverage. This bare minimum is not enough to cover you if you cause an accident and total someone’s brand new car. If you don’t realize little nuances like this, when you call 1-800 to purchase your own coverage, you could be shortchanging yourself. You do not want to find this out when a claim arises.

In your corner: An independent agent goes the extra mile, putting in the time to find the best options for you.


3. We Can Provide Claims Help

Claim time for anyone is a stressful time. Having an independent agent who is local means you can pop in the office at any time for help. You don’t have to worry about calling your 1-800 number and waiting to be transferred. Or even worse, trying to navigate away from an automated system to speak to a person! We are always here to help and we are always one simple phone call away.

In your corner: An independent agent is here to help you, offering real people available right away to answer your questions and guide you along the best path.


As always, choose an agent that has a great reputation.

  • Do they take the time to listen to you, their client?
  • Do they adequately explain your coverages?
  • Or does your agent hurry to rush you out the door when you stop to visit?
  • Or, worse yet, have you heard from your agent at all since you first purchased your policy?


At Omega Insurance, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations of customer service. We are passionate about what we do and we would love to help you! Give our office a call today or contact us online.