Black Friday Shopping Safety
How to Ensure Your Safety – Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

Follow our three Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips – Stay Safe and Be Well!

While Black Friday may look a little different this year, it is still hard to resist a good deal. The good news is that most retailers have been offering Black Friday deals all month long. Do you find yourself needing to scratch the itch to get out on Black Friday? Please take heed of the following precautions.


Lock Your Car Doors

Statistics show that a lot of car burglaries occur on Black Friday. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement and accidentally leave your car unlocked. Leaving high-value items in plain sight often leads to car break-ins. Make sure to tuck away phones, your iPad, and the gifts you have already purchased.

With an unlocked car and high-value items in the open, you know burglars will not be able to resist.

  1. Lock your car.
  2. Take high-value items with you when leaving the car.
  3. Hide anything in your vehicle that you cannot take with you.


Practice Social Distancing

The CDC is still recommending to avoid big crowds and practice social distancing. With as big as the crowds get on Black Friday, that may be impossible to do. Please be sure, if you must get out, to do the following:

  1. Take your mask
  2. Take your hand sanitizer
  3. Keep your distance from others as much as possible

Also, be sure to be extra courteous to the retail workers. Working during a global pandemic during the busiest shopping day of the year has got to be stressful. Be sure to extend a little grace when you can.


When Shopping Protect Your New High-Value Items

Once home with your new items, don’t wait until after Christmas to make sure they are properly insured. Have you purchased a new:

  1. Gun
  2. Painting
  3. Musical instrument
  4. Or even jewelry

Then contact us to make sure you get it properly protected.

With the hustle and bustle of the busy Christmas season, it’s easy for items to get lost or damaged. You spent a lot of money on your items. You don’t want to find yourself out of pocket a huge expense due to a simple mistake.


Let Us Help this Black Friday

Give our agency a call today with any questions on how to protect your most valuable items. Stay safe and stay healthy this holiday season!