Why you need musical equipment insurance
Easy Song of Triumph – Why you need Musical Equipment Insurance

Musicians take care of their equipment but what about musical equipment insurance? Regular cleaning, humidity-free storing, room temperature environments need doing. Proper protection of your stuff goes a step further. What happens after damage from a natural disaster or theft? Good news! Getting proper insurance coverage is as easy as scheduling it on your homeowner’s policy. Read on for more information.


 Hobby Artists Musical Equipment Protection

Have an acoustic guitar and a mic? Have high-end radios or sound equipment? Make sure you notify us of your higher value items. Items may be covered under your personal property limit after a natural disaster. There is a chance they will not be covered in the event of theft.

A homeowners or renters policy’s built-in limits may not cover theft of higher value items. Some may only have a $500 limit for theft of music equipment and electronics. Full value reimbursement for your guitar or stereo system is important.

Be sure to let us know so we can schedule these items on your policy. Scheduling means we create an itemized list on your policy. This way the company is aware of what high-value items are in the home and they are aware of their full value.


Professional Musicians Instrument Insurance

You know as a professional musician playing gigs means traveling. Your equipment is on the road with you. That requires a different kind of policy. Whether you play full-time or part-time, you need proper cover. Protect against theft and damage while moving from show to show.

What kind of coverage do you need? An Inland Marine stand-alone policy is a great place to start. An itemized list of all your equipment goes into the policy so items get insured for their full value. This includes crossing state lines. Say you live in Oklahoma, and playing in a Texas gig. Your policy will follow you wherever you’re traveling to.


Collectors Vintage Instrument Insurance

Have you ever visited a vintage guitar store, like Lone Wolf here in Oklahoma City? Then you know the value of some of the vintage guitars and amps are astronomical. What pleasure an enthusiast gets displaying these jewels at home! Is this you? Then you definitely want to make sure vintage items are properly covered. Buy a $10,000 guitar to then find out after damage that it was underinsured could leave you in a world of hurt. Be sure to notify us immediately after buying high value, collectible items.


To Summarize

There could be many things in your home that are worth quite a bit of money. If that is the case, be sure to call our office today to make sure all your items are properly covered. Whether you need that coverage at home, or while you are on the road, our agency can help.

Why you need musical equipment insurance