Prevent Christmas Tree Fires - 5 Safety Tips
Safety First – 5 Expert Tips Help You Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

Follow our easy, quick tips on how to prevent Christmas tree fires. It takes hardly any time.

Christmas trees are a beloved Oklahoma holiday tradition, but they pose a fire risk. The National Fire Protection Association tracks yearly holiday tree blazes. On average, they say fire departments respond to over 200 holiday tree blazes a year.

Omega Insurance supports local firefighting heroes. Still, we want holiday visits limited to good tidings and cheer. Let’s not give them an emergency call that brings them to your doorstep this holiday season.

So, here are our common-sense suggestions for enjoying a Christmas tree safely.

How to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires
  1. If you opt for an artificial tree, be sure it has a flame retardant label or certification. When selecting a live tree, forgo the one with brownish needles falling off the tree. That means the tree is too dry. Instead, choose one with fresh, green needles that stay on the tree even when you shake the limb.
  2. Place your live tree in water as soon as possible, using about a quart of water per each inch of stem diameter. Before you do, make a fresh cut from the stem bottom – straight across – to help the tree get water. Check regularly, keeping it well watered.
  3. Situate the tree so you can still access the exits in the room. Keep it at least 3 feet away from open flames or heat sources, such as your fireplace or radiator.
  4. Now for the best part – trimming the tree. Choose lights and other decorations labeled as “flame retardant”. Make sure your lights do not have frayed or worn wires. Leaving the house or going to sleep? Be sure to unplug those lights.
  5. It is always a chore – and somewhat of a bummer – to take down the tree each year. Do not put it off. Do so sooner rather than later, especially with a live tree. Otherwise, you prolong your risk of a fire. Check for tree recycling options in your area for responsible disposal.

Happy Holidays!

No matter if you trim your tree with popcorn or with heirloom ornaments, we hope it brings the magic of the season alive for you and your loved ones this year.

Happy Christmas from all of us at Omega Insurance!