Business Owners Insurance - BOP

Why You Absolutely Need BOP – See Business Owners’ Insurance Benefits

Business Owners Insurance (BOP) helps protected what you work so hard to build. You want to make decisions that are right for your business, your employees, and yourself. This includes decisions about business insurance. You know you need excellent coverage. What you don’t have is time to become an expert in business insurance. That’s where Omega Insurance can help.  


Customize For What You Need

 A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a combination of things. It combines property, liability, and business interruption coverage for small to medium-sized businesses. This packaged coverage is generally less expensive than when purchasing coverage separately. With a BOP you can customize the policy to meet your individual business needs.  

  • Do you need general liability coverage that includes operations? 
  • Do you need to add business auto coverage or commercial property insurance? 
  • Are you a home-based business, small service provider, or contractor? 

No matter your needs, Omega Insurance works with you. We help you find the right business insurance coverage mix to meet your specific needs. 


 BOP Supplemental Coverage Options  

Each business is unique. Tailor your BOP coverage to what your business needs. Supplemental coverage bridges the gap: 

  • Extended liability for more insureds.  
  • Debris removal, personal property.  
  • Tools and equipment.  
  • Valuable records protection and accounts receivable. 


Tailored Business Owners’ Insurance Policies 

We go beyond advising you on the right coverage. We provide extra services, such as:  

  • Loss Prevention Programs:
    We check your current business current conditions. Then we make recommendations for lowering property, auto, workers’ compensation, or liability losses. Lowing losses will reduce your insurance costs while increasing your productivity by avoiding downtime. 

  • Quick Claim Response:
    When you have a claim and need fast and fair service, we work with you to make that happen. That is why we only represent companies excelling at fair and prompt claims settlements. 

  • Competitive Rates:
    Many of the insurance companies we represent specialize in specific areas. This includes providing insurance for specific types of industries and offering special coverage and pricing. 


Does Your Business Qualify? 

Find out if your business qualifies for one of these special programs. Contact Omega Insurance for more information. Give us a call at 405-769-6701.