How to winterize pipes for water damage prevention
How to Winterize Pipes for Water Damage Prevention

Freezing temperatures are already hitting Oklahoma. This increases the risk of your pipes bursting in your home or in your office building. Believe it or not, water damage is as frequent of a loss as wind or hail damage. From pipes freezing and bursting to a small leak under the sink, water damage can create a huge mess. Here are some tips to develop a mitigation mindset so your home doesn’t turn into a pond.


Schedule your semiannual home maintenance

Keep yourself on a set schedule with your HVAC maintenance. Regularly monitored and cleaned systems decrease the risk of your system failing. This is especially true for your AC unit. You can even install automatic condensate backup shutoff systems for your AC Unit. Monitoring systems will shut off the system in the event the drain line gets clogged and backs up.


Shut your water off to protect pipes from damage

If you are planning on going on vacation for a day or longer, or are vacating your office building for an extended period of time, shut your water off. Also, have a family member or friend stop by daily and walk thru your home or office to ensure no water is leaking. If you own any property that is sitting vacant, go by daily, twice a day if it’s wintertime, to make sure no water is leaking and no pipes have burst.


Install A Whole House Shut Off System

Most insurance carriers are now offering discounts for having a “smart” home. What does this mean for you? Homes with automatic sensors shut off all water systems when a leak is detected. Many monitoring systems have smartphone apps that help with remote control. You not only save money on insurance premiums, you potentially divert a large water claim.


Let Us Help

Water damage can happen to anybody from a two-bedroom home built in the 1950s, to a brand new, luxury home. So, it’s important to take the steps which ensure your home is properly monitored and maintained. It is especially important to winterize your pipes to prevent water damage. If you’ve had a water loss before, it can happen again. Insurance companies may pay for a water damage loss. However, they cannot pay for the sentimental things lost due to water damage. Give us a call or email today to make sure you are properly prepared in the event of a water loss!