Yes, You Need to Know – Commercial Property Insurance Quick Tips

Yes, You Need to Know - Commercial Property Insurance Quick Tips
Yes, You Need to Know – Commercial Property Insurance Quick Tips

Commercial Property Insurance Serves Oklahoma Business’s Unique Needs

One of the most common types of business insurance is commercial property insurance. It provides a wide range of coverage for:

  • Buildings
  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • And more

Check out examples of typically covered situations:

  • Losses from fire
  • Break-ins
  • Windstorm Damage
  • Windstorm Damage
  • Losses from other natural or manmade disasters

Basic commercial property insurance policy may be all you need. Before you start, understand your choices. As an independent agent, Omega Insurance helps you understand what to look for.

Oklahoma – What You Need to Know About Commercial Liability Insurance

Oklahoma - What you need to know about commercial liability insurance

Oklahoma – What you need to know about general liability insurance

General Commercial Liability Insurance – Protecting the Businesses of Oklahoma

General liability, also known as “commercial liability insurance” is a broad commercial insurance policy that covers general liability exposures of a business. We at Omega Insurance recommend that all businesses have general liability coverage in place.

Take a look at the list below for additional general liability coverages that are often available.


Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions)

Errors & Omissions (E&O) covers professionals for negligence and errors or omissions that injure their clients or cause damage to… Continue reading

Why Is Insurance So Expensive?

Why is Insurance Expensive

Why Is Insurance So Expensive?

Every day in our office we hear the same question; why is my insurance so expensive? We understand it’s frustrating to pay for insurance. Especially since it’s something you spend money on hoping you’ll never have to use. We agents have to pay our own insurance premiums too, so we understand!

We want our customers to know, high insurance premiums and rate increases impact everybody.


What Affects A Customer’s Rate?

Every insurance company has actuaries employed on their staff. The sole job of these actuaries is to take into account all the hundreds of… Continue reading